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August 21 - 23, 2009

The weekend started out VERY Hot. It was still 113°F when we returned from dinner on Friday at the Naked Pirate Bar & Grill at 9 PM. But the rains came overnight and brought cooler weather. It cleared by Saturday morning and most of us got in two runs before the rains came again. It rained for 3 hours so everyone huddled in our RV to watch old Rat's videos and partake of lunch. After which we resumed skiing and boarding.

Sunday was beautiful and the first run of the day had all of us on glass. As we broke camp the clouds came and we hit rain, thunder, lightening, and wind on the way home.

You might have noticed something odd about a few of the photos. My boat has not yet been repaired and on Thursday, Paul traded in his Suburban as a clunker for a new car for his son. He hasn't yet figured out what he's going to get for a tow vehicle. Perfect solution was we used my car and his boat. Thanks for the loan of the boat. Another great weekend with good friends.

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