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August 18-20, 2006
Trip Report
by Patricia Ortiz

This was a trip filled with wonderful weather and many successes. Even though it was the middle of August, the air temperature was bearable and the evenings were even a little on the cool side. And although the breezes were nice, they were not so good for the water.

Chaney Varney used the kid's training ski board and went quite a way from the shore in her successful skiing attempts to stay on top of the water. Mom Michelle Varney was so proud she did cartwheels. Kent Henderson joined his brother Craig Henderson on his partial club boat and enjoyed every other trip out skiing, fishing, cruising and relaxing on the boat.

Before the weekend was over, Natasha Mohr got up on a single ski for the first time. She even tried to air chair, with the help of her mom Jane Mohr and the generosity of Roger Paez, who shared his “non-skiing” boat. Jonathan Shearer, Eddie Aguirre and Jess Hecht were part of his group and they spent lots of time out on the water wakeboarding and air chairing.

Boat driver Catherine Ohl was kept very busy taking out boat loads and got a break every so often when Gene Fulkerson (trip leader and club chef) drove. However, when it came to happy hour, dinner and Sunday breakfast preparation, he was busily directing everyone who was assisting him. And, as usual, it all was mmm…mmm…good!

Karen Mahmalji and Andrea Kiernan were first timers on this trip and both did well with wakeboarding. Also, the three Pomeroy kids (Greg, Kenny, Heather) were consistently hitting air on their wakeboards while mom and dad Pomeroy (Krislyn and Bill) mostly kicked it on the beach. To shake things up, Kenny got up on a single ski and Bill mastered the wakeboard.

I think even Agnes Johnson got up on a wakeboard after several tries when the water got too rough to ski. Laura Priess did her usual excellent job of skiing, along with Trudy Ferris. She stayed in Laughlin with Patricia Ortiz, who was out of commission with a shoulder injury.


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