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July 15-17, 2005
Trip Summary
by Craig Henderson

Rain and Hail on Friday evening caused debris run-off to clog the river all day on Saturday. Nasty! The Storm knocked out the power in Needles and Park Moabi for several hours (after 4pm), so no one could pay camp fees until the next day.

There was a horrific accident on Friday evening on the 15 and then on the 40, which prevented most everyone from arriving until Saturday morning. (Dan, Cathy and Craig arrived early on Friday and missed it).

Weather was good both days, unobstructed skiing and boarding on Sunday.

My hat blew off during one of (many) Dan's run on Saturday. We halted his run to fetch it. I think Dan got his complete fill of runs for the weekend. (THE NEW SKI-HO FOR THE RATS!)

Jody helped pretty exclusively with all meals, and even cooked up nachos for happy hour. Strawberry Margaritas were served. Agnes made some tasty mashed potatoes on Saturday night.

Katie brought her boyfriend Brent, a first time rat! He did well, until the ranger came to collect fees, and he shut his finger in the car door, cracking a fingernail in half. Katie to the rescue with first aid and TLC!

We were a little late leaving the point, but no one seemed to notice. Dan and I nearly ran out of gas, taking the back way through 29 Palms. My car got to the gas station there, literally on fumes.

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